Forex Broker with top return

  • Transparent Dealing Model
  • With us, every customer has VIP status!
  • Best protection of your investment
  • Based trading platform MetaTrader 4, also for MAC
  • Sirix Webtrader trading platform
  • Quality at the highest level
  • No conflicts of interest between traders and brokersr
  • No broker intervention
  • High rate stability during volatile market movements
  • Course providers (banks) can NOT see your stops, limits and Entry Orders
  • We trade with you and not like other brokers, against you

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Transparent Dealing Model

We know how much our customers appreciate fair treatment. We also understand the best guarantee of fairness is transparency. Many traders ask themselves the following questions:

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Free VPS

At Obsieger Capital Management S.A. take we the cost of your VPS (Virtual Private Server) to minimize the execution speed of the orders. We require for this NO minimum trading volume as other brokers.

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Open your free demo account and practice forex trading with virtual cash. Read the details....


Open comfortable and safe your live account and benefit from the lucrative forex trading. Read the details...


If you do not have time or lacks the expertise to trade itself, you can use our professional Managed Account. Read the details...

Forex trading with Obsieger Capital Management S.A. as your Forex Broker

Forex stands for Foreign Exchange and refers to the trading of international currencies, short currency trading. Forex brokers allow currency trading with different currencies and thus provide opportunities for alternative investments. With a daily turnover of over 4 trillion dollars of currency trading is the world's largest liquid financial market. Alternative investments are known to achieve high returns for their work out - the currency trading offers in these respect particularly great opportunities.

Forex brokers benefit from the currencies constantly in motion. Private investors can achieve a top return by comparing different currencies at the slightest use of capital by the fluctuations in the foreign exchange market. Currencies are traded in pairs. So you cannot buy dollars and sell dollars, for example.

Dollars are traded for example, in Euros, or Yen. A top rate of return can achieve our Forex broker not only from rising, but also by the falling prices. For the opening of your account and use of the trading platform are no costs for you.

We work with a large group of first-class banks together to provide the highest liquidity needs. The providers compete with each other and can therefore offer you the best options. A top rate of return reaches a Forex Broker of leverage. A leverage of 1: 100 means that a hundred times your initial investment can be traded. You can thus greatly increase your chances of winning and achieve a top yield even at low capital. The following example should give you an overview of the trading activity of a Forex broker and show you that this is simpler than it appears at first.

The Euro price is to Dollar: 1.3600

The forex trader buys for $ 100,000, this gives 136,000 EUR

The price rises to 1.3648

The currency traders sold for 136,480 EUR

The gain is 0.0048 - this gives 48 pips

The absolute gain is $ 480

A pip is the smallest unit price in currency trading.

In the case of the US dollar results in the EUR / USD 0.0001. Pips spread denotes the spread between the buying and selling of the currency. Forex brokers benefit from a low spread, as these generally within the forex trading is rather low. This represents a significant difference to other financial markets and alternative investments. Currencies are permanently on the move. Therefore, we offer you the option at any convenient time for you to get into forex trading, as the trading movement runs 24 hours a day.

Due to the constant rate changes forex broker can make big profits even with minimal fluctuations. You can even take the lead of their account or take our service to your account management services. We offer three different Trading platforms and are happy to discuss their advantages. Our experience has shown us that transparency and fairness in the trading of the highest priority. We have it set up their own model developed by the trust on the part of our traders and maintain. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about an account opening. Become a part of the Forex market and see for yourself. Of a new possibility for alternative investments

The Forex market is a daily turnover of over 4 trillion dollars the world's largest liquid financial market. Completely independent of local stock exchanges are the FX Trader able to almost around the clock different international currency pairs to trade against each other and achieve high returns by exploiting existing leverage. The best: In forex trading, you not only benefit from rising as well as falling prices!

Private investors, including you, can generate substantial profits through price fluctuations on the international currency market. An account with Obsieger Capital Management S.A. is your key to this growing and lucrative market. Here you all doors are open to a range of innovative and user-friendly trading platforms. Our Forex training courses and regularly scheduled webinars thereby provide the ideal basis for the development of your individual and effective trading strategy.

But even for those who do not have time at the Forex market offers one possibility: Managed Accounts. In this case, your Forex account is managed by us.

Trust in Forex trading on the quality of our house and get the benefits of owning a Forex / CFD account Obsieger Capital Management S.A. offers.